Q: Why is Gold Range NUTRIENT better than other nutrients?
A: Gold NUTRIENT delivers vastly superior results than competing brands due to its unique construction and formulation that literally force-feeds your plants the maximal amount of nutrition possible! The high levels of nutrients that are delivered inside your plants are then explosively activated by our unique metabolite and precursor package.

Q: Do I need to use Potash, PK 13/14 or bloom boosting products with Gold Range NUTRIENT?
A: No. Due to Gold NUTRIENT being able to deliver massive amounts of key elements (Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus) to your plants you must be very careful when using additives with Gold NUTRIENT. Gold NUTRIENT, in conjunction with ADD.27, LIQUID LIGHT and SATURATOR has been designed as a complete solution when it comes to plant nutrition. If you must use supplements with your plants, then use this general guide. Do not use any supplements that supply extra nutrients, especially nitrogen, potassium or phosphorus. Gold NUTRIENT, through its organic hybrid technology, supplies massive amounts of these nutrients, at the correct time, so adding more of these elements may result in a reduced yield or burning (over feeding) of your plants. Additives that are safe are products such as Dutch Master SILICA, ZONE and ADD.27.

Q: Can I use a Nitrogen/Seaweed/Kelp booster with Gold Range NUTRIENT?
A: No, please do not use any additives other than those recommended on the Dutch Master Nutrient Calculator. Gold NUTRIENT delivers, through its Organic Hybrid Technology, the highest amount of working nitrogen allowable. Adding extra nitrogen through the use of seaweed or nitrogen boosters may cause your plants to burn. Once you see the results that Gold NUTRIENT Grow delivers then you won’t ever want to use a nitrogen booster again!

Q: Can I swap from my current nutrients to using Gold Range NUTRIENTS in the middle of my crop?
A: You can change over to Gold NUTRIENT at any stage. Just dump the nutrient you're currently using, flush your plants and remake your nutrient solution with Gold NUTRIENT. Be sure to use the Dutch Master Nutrient Calculator on our website for optimal results. Remember to stop using any additives that are NPK based (i.e. nitrogen grow boosters or phosphorus bloom boosters) when you change over to Gold NUTRIENT. Also include ADD.27, LIQUID LIGHT and SATURATOR in your feed schedule for the best results possible.

Q: I have plants growing outdoors in soil, in a non-hydroponics system. Can I use Gold Range NUTRIENT and if so, is it recommended to use the Gold NUTRIENT feed schedule?
A: If you are using a true soil based system (i.e dirt) then you can use Gold NUTRIENT but only at half the recommended strength on the bottle instructions and only once or twice per week. During the rest of the time you should feed with only water. If you are growing in a semi soil based system such as Sunshine Mix or Promix, then you could use Gold NUTRIENT as per the nutrient calculator and flush once per week.

Q: My tap water has a high EC / PPM / CF. Do I need to take this into account when using Gold Range NUTRIENT?
A: With high EC / PPM / CF commonly know as hard water you most definitely need to take this into account when using Gold NUTRIENT. If your starting water is 0.4 EC / 200PPM / 4 CF or more then the use of a reverse osmosis machine to clean up your water is highly recommended, although not essential. If you have to use high EC / PPM / CF water then take into consideration the water value when making up your nutrients. The use of conductivity (EC / PPM / CF) and pH meters is highly recommended.
Q: How much difference will I notice if I use all the Dutch Master Gold Range additives, as recommended on the Nutrient Calculator, with Gold Range NUTRIENT?
A: All Dutch Master nutrients and additives are designed and formulated to work synergistically together. This means that the optimal yield will only be achieved if all recommended Gold Range additives are used in conjunction with Gold Range NUTRIENT. The difference will amaze you!

Q: Can I use Gold Range NUTRIENT nutrient with other brand additives?
A: Yes. Gold Range NUTRIENT nutrient can be used with other brand additives; however, remember that all Dutch Master products have been designed to work with each other synergistically. Our team of plant Sciences Officers have put thousands of hours into studying and formulating the perfect combination of nutrients and additives so why not take advantage of all their hard work!

Q: Do I need to adjust the pH of my nutrient solution?
A: Typically yes. Plants require the pH to be in a certain range so as to have all macro and micro elements available to them. Effectively, you will be more in control if you monitor and adjust the pH of your nutrient solution. All Dutch Master nutrients are pH buffered so you will not have to adjust the pH as much or as often as most other brands! Please see our Growers Tips on our website for more in depth information.

Q: Can I use Gold Range NUTRIENT in any growing system and with any growing medium?
A: Yes. Gold Range NUTRIENT has been designed to work equally effective with any grow system and in any growing medium.

Q: How long can Gold Range NUTRIENT be stored for?
A: If stored uncontaminated in a cool dark environment, Gold Range NUTRIENT can be stored indefinitely, however, for optimal results it is best to discard older product and use fresh.



Available in:
Grow A+B Set, Flower A+B Set
1 Litre, 5 Litres, 20 Litres
  • Revolutionary Next Generation Nutrient!
  • Cutting Edge Powerful Advanced Ionic Technology!
  • 6 Years Of Technological Advancements In 1 Product!
  • Formulated To Work In All Grow Systems With All Grow Mediums!
If you demand the best results. If you work longer and harder in your garden so you can stay ahead of the pack – then Gold Range NUTRIENT is your first choice! Gold Range NUTRIENT is revolutionary! Forget those other brands, this powerful new 2 part (Part A & Part B) grow and flower nutrient took 6 years to design and perfect - and the results will amaze you!

Dutch Master only uses the best available British & US Pharmaceutical & Laboratory Reagent grade chemicals, phyto-nutrients & aminos when making Gold Range NUTRIENT! Every batch is independently lab tested for consistency prior to bottling so we can guarantee that the next bottle of Gold Range NUTRIENT you buy is identical to the last! In a head to head test against our major competitors, Gold Range NUTRIENT provided the robust plants and yields that you want, need and deserve! So how does Gold Range NUTRIENT provide you with such awesome power? The secret lies in the feeding.

Gold Range NUTRIENTs unique ionic technology delivers massive amounts of the best available nutrition to your plants – far above that of any inferior product. By providing a unique ionic charge to the elements contained within Gold Range NUTRIENT, we unlock nature’s awesome genetic power!  Designed specifically for use with all growing media, Gold Range NUTRIENTs high performance action performs equally well in any grow system – truly universal! Try it today and unlock the power in your garden!


For best results, see our Growers Tips and use the online Nutrient Calculator for an individualized, interactive feeding program to suit your needs.

To use Gold Range NUTRIENT, simply follow these easy guidelines!

  1. Fill your tank to 2/3rds of its capacity.
  2. Add any permitted additives such as Dutch Master Gold Range ADD.27 / MAX first (DO NOT use MAX if you are using Gold Range ADD.27), then add Gold Range ZONE and Gold Range SILICA one at a time, stirring to mix before adding the next one. Please remember Gold Range NUTRIENT is very powerful and you should be very careful when you add any phosphorus boosters, Pk 13 / 14 or nitrogen boosters (kelp, seaweed or guano etc). If using Gold Range POTASH+ with Gold Range NUTRIENT, be sure to watch your leaf tips for ‘tip burn’ as this is a very powerful combination that should be used only by experienced growers!
  3. Add the correct amount of Gold Range NUTRIENT part A for your tanks final or total capacity (according to the online Nutrient Calculator), stirring to mix.
  4. Add the correct amount of Gold Range NUTRIENT part B for your tanks final or total capacity (according to the online Nutrient Calculator ), stirring to mix.
  5. Never mix part A and part B undiluted! Always add separately to water.
  6. Never mix Grow and Flower parts together. Always mix Grow A only with Grow B and Flower A only with Flower B.
  7. Grow must be used in the vegetative cycle and Flower must be used in the bloom cycle.
  8. Top up your reservoir or tank to its final level or volume and check the strength using a TDS (PPM or EC) meter. If required, add more Gold Range NUTRIENT (one part at a time) in small equal quantities, until you arrive at the correct nutrient strength. If your nutrient solution is too strong then add fresh water until you arrive at the correct nutrient strength. If your nutrient solution is too strong then add fresh water until you arrive at the correct nutrient strength.
  9. Adjust pH to approximately 5.5 for Rockwool, Perlite, Clay, Vermiculite, Aeroponics, DWC, NFT, Hydro or Coco users or 5.9 for dirt or soilless systems such as Promix or Sunshine mix. See Growers Tips for more info.
  10. Do NOT use any Calcium / Magnesium supplements as our nutrients are choc full of them!
  11. Feed according to your systems normal requirements.